What do Horses and Fear Have to Do with Women?

What do horses and fear have to do with women? Often times women compromise themselves because of fear.

They fear not being loved. They are afraid of failing. They are afraid of succeeding. They are afraid of not being enough. All of these fears are about how women are perceived by others. Women often do not stand up for themselves or lose their authentic self because of these fears. Through experiences with horses, women realize this and regain it.

The idea is… If you learn to trust (a large powerful animal), you experience emotional security and physical safety. Because you experience it (instead of talking about what it might feel like), you can identify that safety and security in your everyday life (outside of the arena). You, therefore, maintain your spiritual integrity, your personal truths. You can trust in your process. Like horses, you learn to connect your mind, body, and spirit to live in the moment by trusting internal and external messages/cues or intuition as you relate to your world.