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Why Don't You Just Give Up

A few weeks ago, I had hit a bump in my road. I was exhausted and going through my days just trying to get everything done.

I was questioning whether to continue as I had created things i.e. my business. My mantra was, “Never give up. Never give up.” I read this in all business books. The negative part of me justified quitting by explaining that there are businesses that go under or throw up their hands. The enormous positive part of me knows that giving up is NOT me. The amazing women around me were so positive. I asked them, “Why are you so cheery and positive?” They replied, “You taught us to be this way.”

Everyone who knows and understands what I do, knows that the world is full of metaphors and that we can establish our own meaning in life’s messages. When I’m down in the dumps, I look for affirmations. When I’m feeling hopeful or discouraged, I practice my affirmations. A few weeks ago, I was desperate for some “me” time and some messages to affirm me to continue on. I knew that in a few weeks, I had some deeply needed scheduled rest time. Here’s what I found…

On Wednesday night, I ran into a friend who said, “Are you ready for our trip this weekend?” I said, “Not this weekend, but November 4th, I’ll be ready.” In fact my trip was scheduled for October 14th and I had written it on the wrong weekend. Due to just needing some peace and quiet, I almost cancelled on my friend, but I always honor a commitment. This was the first of affirmation “whispers”.

The next afternoon, I attended the Fayetteville Ladies Power Lunch. There, Pat Fortenberry, who made millions selling Mary Kay products, shared her story and tidbits on ways to succeed. The first story she shared was about a mule that was being buried alive. To make a long story short, the mule shook off the dirt that was being dumped on him, raised the ground he stood upon, and ended up climbing out of the hole. The second story she shared was about Monty Roberts. For those of you who do not know who Monty Roberts is, he is a world-renowned horse trainer/gentler. He grew up with a horribly abusive father who not only tortured Monty, but the horses he trained as well. At a very young age, Monty knew he would do things differently. Pat shared that Monty had a school assignment to write an essay on a dream of his. He wrote that he would be a horse trainer on a 200-acre ranch. His teacher asked him to re-write his essay as she thought his dream was unobtainable. He kept his dream and took the “F”.

I know these stories are about motivation, inspiration, and perseverance, but what are the chances that a Mary Kay person would be talking about horses at a women’s power lunch? That message was meant for me and I was there to receive it!

The next day, I scrambled to Atlanta with my friend. We had tickets to see Dr. Oz, Gayle King, and Suzie Orman. While getting dressed on Saturday morning, I heard on the news that Oprah was in Atlanta for the O! You! Conference. That was where I was headed. I can’t tell you how exhilarating and energizing seeing my idol in person was. I was present to hear and receive her messages about perseverance. I received them! It was not rest that I needed. It was being around 5000 other motivated and empowered women. The energy was contagious!

The final message came from Donna Brazile from New Orleans, LA, a woman with whom I was unfamiliar. She appears to be in her 60s and talked about taking chances and doing things that one longs to do. Her life long dream was to learn to ride horses. Off she went.

I’m often tired, but not like I was last week. When down and out and not feeling my best, millions of messages and affirmations were coming my way. I always choose to consider the positive. What kind of perspective do you have about what happens in your life? I challenge you to be present, aware, and open to receiving whatever life has to deliver. It is always great. You just have to find the blessings.


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