Organizational Team building

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Are you looking for a creative way to enhance your team?

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We work with organizations by using animals in group activities to show where the leadership talents exist and where they need to be developed.

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Team Building Testimonials


Horses, Really?


“Doing helps illustrate the concepts they’re trying to teach.”

“There is a connection between how the (person) interacts with the horse and how the (person) interacts in his/her environment.”

“The strength is in the facilitators to allow participants to work out skills/decisions.”

“That horses respond to humans in some of the same ways humans respond to each other.”

“Horses tend to sense a lot about people!”

“Very interesting concepts. Makes you think more about your surroundings and others.”

“Makes you think outside the box!”

“Very good learning experience! Great way to teach this topic!”

“The second session was very helpful in making connections between workshop and work.”

“Excellent training! Very useful in all areas of life!”

"Was a wonderful opportunity for team building exercises-interpretation was very fresh and well received."

“The team building exercises were extremely useful-will integrate what I have learned into everyday office life.”