Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S, President

Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S, President

Heather always knew she would share her love and passion for animals with others. She just did not know it would be with horses until experiencing the bond between she and her 1200 pound babies. It was learning to give respect and trust in order to develop the relationship through communication, acceptance, empathy, assertiveness, and most of all, patience, that she discovered how empowering the equine experience could be.


Clinical Supervision

Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW, RPT-S, EAGALA Advanced started Hope-thru-Horses, Inc. in 2006 when her county mental health job wouldn’t allow her to bring a horse to work.  In 2009, Heather became a Juvenile Certified Sex Offender Counselor and in 2018 a Registered Play Therapist.  Through her pursuance of the registered play therapy credential, Heather realized that people had been “playing” in her pasture all along.  This brought a new meaning to EAGALA’s “P” in SPUDS actually all of the letters in the acronym.  In 2019, she received her supervisor status for Registered Play Therapists. Heather’s interests lie in treating complex trauma in children and adults as well as mentoring and clinically supervising therapists who want to provide experiential learning into their practices worldwide.


14 January 2019


MSW, LCSW, EAGALA Advanced Certified, President, RPT-S (Registered Play Therapist Supervisor)